Orchard Knob Neighborhood Watch Association


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Current History

In the late summer of 2000, two women- Countess Ramseur and Minnie Darden- were tired of prostitutes conducting their business in front of their homes and business establishment. They wanted to effectively clear the neighborhood of this illegal activity. Thus, the initial formation of a neighborhood watch association was formed. The first initial meeting was held at the Carver Center. As the interest and participation grew, the association consulted with other neighborhood associations (specifically, The Bush Town Neighborhood Watch Association, President Peggy Kilpatrick), for ideas and other items that are needed to have an affective association. 

The initial organization became charted with the State and applied to be registered as a recognized Association with the city. The Orchard knob Neighborhood Watch Association has embarked on a mission to rid the community of crime and run down houses. We have actively been involved in conducting activities that will assist in the establishing a clean and healthy community. Pride in community is our constant cry. House Banners, Community markers, T-shirts, community clean-up programs, and other activities are but a few of the vehicles we, as an organization, have used to bring back the Pride that is needed for this GREAT HISTORIC COMMUNTIY. The Orchard Knob Community is a great place to live in. it is a great place to raise the youth in. it is a great place to see the start of the revitalization process take place in rebuilding these grand old homes that once stood with pride.

Our past is now; it included past residents of the East 5th Street Neighborhood Association that loved the Orchard Knob Community. That sense of Community has transcended into new members of the neighborhood who want and demand a great place in which to live. With the assistance and support from Community Impact Incorporated of Chattanooga and Chattanooga Neighborhood Services, the Orchard Knob Neighborhood Watch Association is well on its way to becoming a sound and thriving community. The members of the Association should be extremely proud of their respective efforts. They have given the time and needed work to make the community and the association a desirable place to live and to be a part of.
1910 E. 5th Street - Chattanooga, TN 37404